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Custom Utility Trailer Graphics for Scout Troops in Orange County

You would think that an internationally famous organization would not have to do any marketing of its own. Well, this is not entirely true. Moreover, sometimes non-profit organizations do not necessarily market their brand when investing in signage. In fact, they might just be underscoring the atmosphere of a locale, event or other setting. Case in point is the Boy Scout Troop 1238. Representing Orange County’s Los Amigos District, this group contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to give a non-descript utility trailer an easy-to-recognize look and feel.

Utility trailer wraps for Fullerton, CA, businesses are not a new idea. Actually, there are plenty of businesses that are already using this marketing strategy. That said, there are only a limited number of non-profit organizations that are – thus far – embracing the wrap. The Boy Scouts opted for a green backdrop with an easy identification of the Boy Scout name and troop number. Moreover, the American Flag is an integral part of the design. The middle ground of the design is a black and gray artistic depiction of hiking scouts. The Fullerton location notation is added in this color.

In addition to marketing, why are trailer wraps for nonprofit organizations in Orange County such a good idea?

  • Help volunteers and members to identify your group. If there is a large Scout outing with multiple troops in attendance, how will Troop 1238 members know where to find their equipment? When the driver pulls up with the wrapped utility trailer, finding the right gathering post is a snap!
  • Make your presence known in the community. A utility trailer is the ideal conveyance for hauling the materials needed to participate in a volunteer event. Whether it is a coastal cleanup or a neighborhood beautification project, you can ensure that folks see you and come to recognize the name of your organization. This is a great way to gain more donors as well as members.
  • Build pride in members. There is something special about belonging to a group. Especially with Scouts, there is a certain pride that accompanies the membership in a troop. Seeing your trailer pull up with the troop number proudly displayed with the American flag is icing on the cake. When you want your membership to build this level of pride in your organization, a wrapped trailer can be the ideal way of making it happen.
  • Create a simple meeting point. If you are expecting members, volunteers or guests to meet you at a locale not everyone is familiar with, your wrapped trailer easily becomes a landmark. In addition to the basic directions of getting to the location, tell folks to be on the lookout for the green trailer. Finding Troop 1238 has never been easier!

When you are ready to add this kind of visibility to your non-profit organization or business, talk to our friendly trailer wrap experts. We can help you put together a highly visible setup that not only bespeaks your brand but also identifies you by name and turns a non-descript trailer into a major landmark.

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