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Anti-Graffiti For Lease Signs for Property Managers in Orange County

The signage pros at Superior Signs and Graphics enjoy building business relationships with the corporate clients who hire us. Case in point is Atlas Properties. This company is in the business of managing shopping centers in the eastern portion of Southern California. It also oversees some properties in Orange Country. When this company needed anti-graffiti real estate signs for property managers in Orange County, CA, its management team contacted our graphic artists. After discussing their signage needs, the company decided also to enlist our assistance with a redesign of its logo. No problem! Once complete, we moved on to the signage portion of the order.

Graffiti-Free For Lease Signs

We designed and manufactured 28 sign panels measuring six feet in height and four feet in width. These would be displayed at a variety of centers with a V-shape setup to ensure maximum exposure to motorists traveling past the location from either direction. Our technicians added anti-graffiti laminate and used pressure-treated posts that would ensure enhanced longevity of the products. Next, we also designed Coroplast window signs to which we added grommets for window installations with suction cups. All signage items feature the deep blue, gray and white company colors that make the products so easily recognizable.

Why Anti-graffiti Laminates Matter

Even if graffiti is not a big problem in your area, consider that it only takes one tagger to destroy a sign. By adding the laminate, you ensure that you can just wipe away spray paint, permanent marker and similar “artwork” left behind under the cover of darkness. Although we are in the business of making signs for our clients, we like to build business relationships that save them money. Adding this type of laminate is one example of the money-saving effort our experts make. Pressure treating the posts to make them last longer is another example.

Presenting Your Management Company in Its Best Light

Another reason for the addition of treatments that make your signage last longer and weather better is the presentation of your company’s brand. When your signs are crisp, the colors pop and the installation components are on point, your brand competes well in the struggle for market share. Conversely, if your signage colors are fading, various components are rickety and doodles as well as other graffiti mar the surfaces of the markers, your brand display suffers.

For this reason, we include signage refurbishing in our menu of services. Whether we designed, manufactured and installed the signs ourselves or you had another company do the work, our technicians gladly come out to look at the products that now need a bit of sprucing up. We clean, repair and replace components as needed. Once again, saving you money is a big concern of ours. When our technicians visit you for a signage evaluation, we provide you with an estimate of the costs involved in refurbishing versus replacing a sign.

When you are ready to commission anti-graffiti for lease signs for property managers in Orange County, CA, or any other type of exterior as well as interior signage, contact our professionals for assistance.

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