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What does your mall store say about your company’s approach to doing business? Do your retail store signs adequately brand your company? Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach, it is fair to say that there are several mall and retail store products that have proven to be successful for a broad range of companies. What are your options?

Wall Wraps and Collages

Turn the outside of your store into a branding message. When you take store signage to the maximum, you cannot help but get consumers to notice you. This is particularly true in the retail setting where standing out is of vital importance. Set yourself apart with a wall wrap that withstands the elements and says something about your brand. Combine it with dimensional letters to create name recognition. This type of wrap is also useful when operating a movable store inside a mall. These are frequently food or specialty product carts. Wraps quickly identify your products and catch the eyes of those walking you’re your location.

Mall Tenant Signs

Turning heads in the mall setting does not have to be difficult. The management company gives you clear guidelines with respect to the types of signage you may present. Working within this framework, you capture the eyes of passersby with dimensional letters that spell out the name of your store. Once inside, or around the exterior of your store, shoppers see your retail signs that highlight your products.

Kiosk Graphics and A-Frame Signs

These illuminated signs are ideal for the mall as well as for the sidewalk of a larger shopping venue. Outdoors malls and streets dedicated to retail commerce call for excellent marketing signage that quickly informs the consumer about your products while catching the eye with attractive graphics. We usually recommend placing this type of sign on the same street as your storefront. When you are inside a mall, this signage does well on any floor of the venue. Use A-frame signs near your entrance to attract attention and bring in foot traffic.

Lit Signage

Illuminated kiosk signs bring added attention to your message. Inside your store, backlit displays attractively show off your marketing information. When presented against a slightly darker background, the effect is amplified. If you operate a store inside a mall, discuss your preference for lit signage with the mall management company. In some cases, these professionals will be able to accommodate your request.

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When you need effective mall and retail store signs, contact the graphic artists at Superior Signs and Graphics. We serve the retail communities across Orange County and its neighboring areas. Our technicians have ample experience working with mall store operators and stand-alone retailers. In addition, we specialize in working with retail franchises. Call us today at (714) 739-2855 to get started!

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