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Lucky Girl Fortunes Brands with Vehicle Graphics in Anaheim CA

When the State of California licensed its cottage food industry not too long ago, it opened the doors for highly specialized culinary artists to sell their products to the public. Lucky Girl Fortunes is exemplary for this niche in the Golden State’s growing food marketplace. Located in Anaheim, the business specializes in the creation of customized fortune cookies for any occasion. Larger than the fortune cookies you are probably familiar with from a restaurant, you have input on the personalization, styling and presentation of these tasty morsels.

Better still, since Lucky Girl Fortunes is under license from the Orange County Health Department, you know that all of the cookies meet the strictest quality controls. Selling these gorgeous products on Etsy, the company has a worldwide reach. When it came time for the entrepreneur behind this innovative cookie company to take her marketing to the next level, she opted for a decal job on her Toyota Prius. After contacting Superior Signs and Graphics, we met with the owner of Lucky Girl Fortunes and designed a sketch that suited her budget. Configuring the decals to maximize the impact, we have proven that vehicle wraps and graphics for Etsy store retailers are a new way of advertising online businesses with virtual storefronts.

  • QR codes. Is there still a business that does not appreciate the power of the quick response (QR) code? Embed a general website address or a specific targeted page for a maximum impact. Encourage consumers to interact with your company online time and again for the latest information, deals and special offers. We can easily add a QR code to your wrap or lettering.
  • Social media information. When you are an entrepreneur who is heavily involved in social media marketing, you cannot afford to hide your Facebook or Twitter address under a bushel. Rather, add it to your wrap or lettering and ensure that anyone can find you on the social networks.
  • Logo display. Your colors and your logo are as important as your business name. When they correspond to your online store’s layout, you effectively brand as well as a brick-and-mortar store. Our techniques enable us to perfectly match your colors and typeface.
  • Product information. A large number of food cottage industry merchants specialize in one product or perhaps a family of products. Marketing this information is crucial at the grassroots level. After all, when you do not have a large supermarket or mall stand to promote your products, how can you ensure that everyone knows about the existence of your fortune cookies, artisan breads or candies? With your vehicle that drives on your local streets and in your neighborhoods as well as around shopping centers and stores, you effectively spread the word to consumers all over your city and county.

If you worry about the cost of a wrap or vehicle lettering, talk to our technicians. We may be able to work with the lines of your car to cover a large portion of the vehicle at a very low rate – probably lower than you think possible. Are you ready to get serious about advertising your online business? Contact us for a free quote!

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