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Vehicle Graphics for Advertising in Orange County CA

When Josh Newman declared his candidacy for the California State Senate seat representing the 29th District, he knew that he needed to get the word out in the most visible way possible. He went out, bought a box truck and made contact with a blimp operator to display his campaign announcement. Next, he contacted us to discuss election vehicle graphics in Orange County, CA.

Turning a Box Truck into a Political Billboard

The problem with standard political billboards is clear: they do not move. The message display is at the mercy of the traffic that passes by. A road closure that eliminates or greatly minimizes traffic can render your investment in a billboard there useless. When you turn a vehicle into your billboard, you have the advantage of moving it whenever necessary to increase views. Park it near a mall, park or another area to make your message known.

The Newman campaign displays a simple candidacy announcement and website address on the sides and back of his box truck. Interested voters and volunteers have the opportunity to access the candidate’s website and learn more about his run. There, they may also sign up to volunteer or donate to the cause. Moreover, the website is a springboard for connecting with the campaign’s social media platforms. By intentionally keeping the vehicle message brief and simple, there is more room to display larger letters, which makes the message easier to read for motorists.

What can Vehicle Lettering and Graphics do for You?

When you are a political candidate, the use of vehicle letters clearly makes sense. Choose to treat a box truck, as Josh Newman decided, or add your information to a golf cart and visit constituents in neighborhoods, and at larger venues, where you can interact personally with voters. Business owners, too, have the opportunity to make this technology turn vehicles used during a workday into message displays.

  • Go into the neighborhoods where you do business. Generate more business in areas where you already have active clients simply by marketing your business to neighbors. This is ideal for contractors and other professionals who visit customers in the home.
  • Become a visible member of the local community. If you are breaking into a new commercial territory, it pays to be a visible presence. Dong so is instrumental in introducing possible customers to a new franchise or other company. It also serves the purpose of alerting consumers to a business rebranding.
  • Reach your target audience. When your standard marketing methods are not providing you with the results that you have hoped for, the use of vehicle graphics for advertising in Orange County, CA, can make a difference. For starters, your message is visible no matter where you take the vehicle. Secondly, consider the addition of seasonal messages to a wrap or graphics package to enhance the relevance of your brand. Finally, the mobility of the message lets you reach targeted consumers where they may be found.

Discussing Your Graphics Package with a Professional

Contact our experts to learn more about vehicle graphics, lettering and wraps. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a message display that is budget-friendly and makes sense.

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