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T3 Motion Wrapped For Election Campaign in Orange County!

Running for office is no small feat. In addition to raising funds, you also have to raise your name recognition and portray a cohesive image. This calls for high visibility at all times. One method is a vehicle vinyl wrap. This applies not just to a car but also to a T3 Motion. Vinyl wraps Orange County consumers can appreciate truly come in all sizes and shapes. Case in point is the T3 associated with the Young Kim campaign. Running for California’s state assembly, Ms. Kim is a member of the West Orange County Chamber of Commerce. This is where she heard about Superior Signs and Graphics and our division.

She told us about the T3 Motion that he husband had purchased and that she wanted to get it wrapped for her campaign. It is common to see cars with election campaign vehicle wraps. Orange County voters will now see a T3. We took the wrap design from her campaign signs. We modified it by adding a flag and the red and white colors. Since the T3 is street-legal in California, she intends to use the vehicle on bike paths and similar venues. Her name and district information is easy to read for pedestrians and motorists alike.

T3 Motion and Sedway Vehicle Wraps Orange County
We turned this white T3 Motion...

If you are a member of a political campaign that is getting ready for the upcoming elections, it is not too late to get your vehicle – or the vehicles of staffers and supporters – wrapped. There are a variety of different options to get a motor vehicle involved in campaigning.

Magnetic signs. These signs are fitted for car doors. We can transfer the look of a campaign sign onto the magnets. Hand them out to staffers and loyal volunteers. Folks can show their support for a candidate but take off the magnets after the campaign is over.

Decals and lettering. Precision-cut vinyl lettering easily attaches to the sides of the car or its rear. Make your support known and also include some information about upcoming campaign stops or fundraising support opportunities.

Window perf. Perforated vinyl is imprinted and placed over your car’s rear windows. Identify your vehicle as the campaign vehicle of choice for your political candidate. It helps to make a great entrance into a campaign event venue where photographers and the press are waiting.

Partial wrap. Wrap the doors or the back of a van that carries supplies for campaign stops. This wrap is also well suited for cars, trailers and even motorcycles.

Full wrap. Campaign buses are routinely fully wrapped to increase a candidate’s name recognition and get the word out about the politician’s candidacy. While this is commonly done for national office seekers, it is also an appropriate branding tool for local elections.

Talk to our experienced election campaign wrap specialists today, and find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd during your next campaign. We gladly come out to see the vehicles you want to have wrapped, discuss the design of the product and also talk through the different ways that a vinyl wrap will draw attention to a campaign.

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