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Property Management Businesses Need a Great Sign Company in Orange County!

Operating a property management company requires the ability to keep multiple venues in superior condition concurrently. To make your job easier, our experts specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of signs and graphics for property management companies in Orange County, CA. Examples abound.

Filling Tenant Vacancies by Advertising Openings

Whether you oversee an office building, shopping center, or apartment community, ensuring that the availability of space is clearly noticeable by your targeted demographic is a must. Our experts recommend several signage solutions.

  • Banners. Attractive vinyl banners that spell out “for lease” are excellent options. Specify whether the space would be of particular interest to members of the medical profession.
  • Post and panel signs. Combine your banners with “for lease” post and panel signs that provide your contact information.
  • Switch out multi-tenant signs. When a tenant leaves a shopping center, the spot you reserve for the display of the company’s information on a monument becomes obsolete. Rather than leaving the space blank, we suggest replacing the tenant panel with a “for lease” one.

Taking Charge of Directional and Parking Signage

Nothing is more frustrating to management staff and tenants alike than when there are disputes about parking spaces. When several businesses open their doors close to one another, it occasionally happens that customers of one business park in the spaces allocated to another. Being proactive and installing imprinted aluminum signs with “tow away” warnings and parking reservation notices is a good way of ending disputes before they begin.

Directional signage easily becomes part of tenant panels, post and panel setups, or directories on the interior. Of course, we also design, manufacture, and install ADA-compliant signs for exterior and interior uses. Our experts welcome the opportunity to visit your location and take an inventory of signs that you already have as well as those that are missing.

Removing Building Signage after Tenants Leave

Although box cabinets are easy to reuse by new tenants if they choose to do so, there is not much of a possibility to re-use dimensional or channel letters. We gladly come out and remove channel letters when retail tenants leave. If necessary, we can patch up the holes left behind by the screws.

Repairing or Servicing Electrical Signage

Whether your tenant contacts you because some LEDs of their channel letter signs have gone out or electrical signage on your properties need to undergo regular maintenance, our experts will come out and perform all manufacturer-recommended tasks. We also service monument directory signs and pylons. Although the majority of our service calls usually involve LED replacements, our technicians also handle cracked polycarbonate facings and vandalized signage. In the case of vandalism, we often recommend the addition of a graffiti-proof coating to ensure that you save money by simply having us clean off any writing next time rather than replace bits and pieces.

Installing, Replacing, and Servicing Signs and Graphics for Property Management Companies in Orange County, CA

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services menu for property management companies. We ensure a complete approach geared toward your business needs, no matter which types of venues you oversee.

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