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New Building Sign for RE/MAX in Downtown Fullerton Really Stands Out!

New Building Signs | Downtown Fullerton CA

Do you remember the work we did for RE/MAX Cornerstone in Brea? We handled the real estate office’s relocation signs and graphics. Besides that, we also did vinyl wall and window graphics. When the professionals decided to open another office at 124 West Wilshire, the team contacted us to order a new building sign in Fullerton, CA.

A New Building Sign for a Historical Venue in Downtown Fullerton

This sign would have to be different. Sure, it would have been easy to use the specs we have on file and create a lighted sign or something similar. However, the city was concerned about the overall look of the signage. Moreover, RE/MAX did not want our team to add too many penetrations to the building’s wall.

In response, we created one-inch-thick PVC lettering that we then mounted to an eighth-of-an-inch-thick piece of painted aluminum. Adding dimensional letters to a sign panel is not new. That said, it is the ideal solution when you need to limit the holes that can be drilled in any surface.

Our technicians used eight concrete anchors to attach the panel to the wall. Brushed aluminum caps cover the bolts. The black 3D lettering on the light board now pops against the wall’s black color. Most importantly, it preserves the integrity of the venue’s overall appearance but does not minimize the firm’s brand message. On the contrary, it stands out significantly, which is precisely what the client wanted.

Custom Building Signs Do More Than Encapsulate a Brand Message

The art of sign making is in the customization of the individual products. Almost anyone can specialize in two or three signage setups. However, this practice quickly crumbles when a client needs something out of the ordinary. Our clients know that we first and foremost focus on the way to encapsulate their brand messages in all the signage products we put together for them.

Next, we go a step further. We ensure that the sign works well against the backdrop of the building. A historical building needs a different presentation than an ultramodern new construction project. Adjusting the signage material selection, manufacturing method, and installation make it possible to accomplish the right look. We gladly work with neighborhood organizations, city building planners, and others who seek to create or preserve a specific appearance.

Do You Need a New Building Sign in Fullerton CA?

Our team routinely works with local business owners to put together signage solutions. Take a page from the playbook of RE/MAX Cornerstone and opt for three-dimensional letters on a board that we then mount to the facade. Of course, you have other options, too.

Dimensional building letters are popular in the area. Choose from metal, plastic, or other materials to put together your brand’s look. Lightbox cabinets bring illumination to the building’s front. LEDs boost the bold colors that we use in the manufacture of the signage. That said, there are always channel letters, which combine lighting with stand-alone lettering.

Find out more about your options by contacting our sign shop today!

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