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Gaming PC Case Wraps for City of Industry Manufacturer Add Visual Graphics and Pizzazz!

Gaming PC Case Wraps City of Industry CA

CyberPowerPC is an established client we have done work for in the past. About three years ago, the company needed a unique vinyl wrap that would transform a PC gaming system into a branded contraption with all the bells and whistles. Recently, the company contacted us again. This time, it needed us to do several custom PC case wraps.

Customized PC Case Graphics Impress with Vibrant Images

We met with the client to get the specs for the printing. They feature bold colors and stunning anime images. Each wrap encases the entirety of the PC case. Most importantly, we had to ensure that the cutouts were precisely measured to allow for the ventilation as well as plug-in openings.

Now, these cases have a unique look that appeals to the serious gamer. Most importantly, they are eye candy. Rather than hiding the CPUs under desks and in closets, players want to show them off. In the process, the company’s brand information is also clearly visible. It is an excellent example of a win-win for the company and the buyer alike.

Can You Wrap This? Yes!

Almost everyone knows about vehicle wraps. Full or partial wraps, vehicle graphics, and lettering products are ideal for advertising your company. They are also instrumental in introducing your business to a new consumer demographic. However, did you know that we can wrap much more than just cars?

There are wall and window wraps. We routinely work with businesses that want to beautify their interiors. Using wall wraps or graphics is an excellent option for presenting mission statements, brand messages, or inspirational quotes for employees. That said, there is still more.

Case in point are the brick wall wraps we did for the Graves Middle School in Whittier, CA!

There are still more products that could benefit from a wrap.

  • Musical instruments. Personalize the look of your band’s guitars or drums with a professional wrap. It underscores your attitude and presents your logo or other symbols with ease.
  • Displays. Are you presenting a new product? Turn a standard display stand into a themed showcase that allows for co-branding. We can wrap racks, shelves, backdrops, and anything else that you might use to feature the items.
  • Exterior walls. Whether you have a building wall that requires beautification or a doghouse that you want to personalize with your pet in mind, our team can design and wrap just about any wall.

Talk to Our Experts about PC Case Wraps or Anything Else You Want to Have Treated with Graphics

Have we piqued your interest in trying something new? Are you looking for unique ways of incorporating brand displays that stray away from the traditional sticker setup? We can help. Our graphic artists can put together a design right now! Make the call, and we get started.

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