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Foam Letter Signs Offer a Great Value for Businesses in Anaheim CA

Located at 421 East Cerritos Avenue, the West Region office of Gray Construction is a top-rated member of the local business community. The company specializes in all aspects of construction management, carpentry, tenant improvement and similar services. When Gray did its own renovations on their venue, the firm’s management team contacted our signage specialists to come and remove the old building sign.

Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Foam Letter Building Signs in Anaheim, CA

Once the painting at the venue had been finished, the management team asked us to design a new sign that would be slightly larger than the old product. The goal was to cover the marks from the old sign. After consulting with the client, we used 2lb sign foam. For the facing, we relied on painted metal.

Since the management team wanted to ensure that we could perfectly match the colors that the company uses, we provided samples. Would this be a problem? Of course not! Our graphic artists are adept at matching colors – new ones or those that have been on a sign for decades – perfectly. Once approved, we installed the product. It looks fantastic against the cream-colored backdrop, where it presents with a slight shadow play, which heightens the display’s attractive nature.

Why Choose Foam?

You probably already know about foam from the interior uses that this material offers. We frequently use it for the manufacture of lobby signs. Did you also know that there is an outdoor rated version of this product? In fact, one-inch thick 2lb sign foam is ideal for exterior uses, where it provides a long-lived product. Certainly, the longevity of the material is just one reason to give it a closer look.

Another reason this product is endearing itself to the local business community is the fact that it is reasonably priced. Start-up companies, in particular, appreciate the fact that sign foam is inexpensive yet looks like a million bucks. For those business owners whose buildings come with facades that cannot handle much weight, foam is the ideal solution as well. Installation is a snap since we do not have to drill stud holes, which may be a requirement for the heavier acrylic or aluminum signs.

Making the Versatility of the Material Work for You

The combination of logo style elements and dimensional letters creates an excellent and highly noticeable building sign. That said, you can do a lot more with foam. For example, why not erect a monument sign – made from foam – that shows off faux bricks or stone design parts? Maybe you would like to create a sign panel that could be sandblasted or routed.

When you discuss your signage needs with our graphic artists and mention that you would like to learn more about foam, we gladly show you how this material could make your name and logo look great. Contact us today to learn more about foam letter building signs in Anaheim, CA, and its surrounding areas. Of course, if you prefer acrylic or aluminum, we gladly help you with these products, too.

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