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Fleet Graphics Management by Superior Signs and Graphics in Orange County

Does your fleet of work vehicles consist of vans, trucks, and cars that all come in different makes and models? Does your business rely on a broad range of trucks and specialty vehicles to get the work done? Do you want to advertise your business and get your branding message out by using wraps, graphics or lettering packages? If this sounds like your company, you need fleet graphics management by Superior Signs and Graphics in Orange County, CA.

Case in Point: C&L Refrigeration

Readers, who have followed our blog, are familiar with C&L Refrigeration. The company handles industrial refrigeration and air conditioning services and products. In the past, we treated their F250 trucks. This time around, the management team called us to treat the latest fleet additions. They included ten new Ford Transit vans. Since we had the graphics package on file, creating the right products would be a snap.

However, the company’s owner wanted to see the van graphics before having us install them. Although the designs were perfectly fine, this professional wanted to take in the sizing and get a good feel for the right display. Would this be a problem? No! C&L Refrigeration purchased its vehicles from the dealership, where they are painted red. From there, they come to us. After the paint had cured, we treated two vans with decals and lettering that featured different sizes.

Parking them side by side, we invited the owner to visit the shop and choose the package that looked best. With a decision made, we manufactured the rest of the vinyl products and are now in the process of installing them on the other vehicles. The fleet of trucks and vans now looks great, matches its white on red displays and brands via the graphics that outline the services C&L offers.

Fleet Management Made Easy

If you are the fleet manager for your company’s work vehicles, you know that this is not a job for the faint of heart. In addition to overseeing the budget, tackling repair schedules, dealing with insurance issues and screening potential new purchases, you are also in charge of ensuring that your fleet graphics look great. Discussing the tasks with the sign shop and approving proposed designs is par for the course. Imagine if you did not have to handle the fleet graphics management! In Orange County, CA, our seasoned graphic artists can take care of this aspect.

Making fleet management easier for you frees up your time for other tasks. When needed, we can install the graphics packages that you have already approved on new additions to your fleet. When your company rebrands, we can help you adjust the look of your treated vehicles with tweaks to the graphics packages. If your business adds new services or products, wants to add seasonal messages to the wraps or graphics packages, or considers the use of QR (quick response) codes, we can make it happen quickly. Contact us today to learn more about our fleet graphic management program and to find out how you can incorporate it into your company.

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