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Superior Signs Offers New Signage for Businesses That Are Relocating to Orange County CA!

Did you know that Superior Signs and Graphics provide commercial business relocation signage services in Orange County as well as nearby Los Angeles County? Case in point is Michael Nicholas Designs. You know it as the company that creates the beautiful pieces for Living Spaces and other notable local furniture chains. Michael Nicholas Designs relocates from Buena Park to Fullerton where a larger facility would allow for increased production.

Signs to Help Your Relocation Simple

To get started early on the installation of signage, the company’s management team contacted us for assistance. We began by installing a monument-style marker that follows the post and panel sign design. This one is situated at the building’s entry. Receiving and directional signs were also installed. With these wayfinding signs in place, the business readies itself for shipping and receiving activities even before the staff is actually on site. The goal is to generate interest in the incoming company by letting consumers know ahead of time what the name of the business – and its niche – will be.

Types of Exterior Signage for Your New Location

This is not only an important consideration for a manufacturer but also for a retailer or service provider. After all, when you move your business from one locale to another, it is time to build up a completely new clientele. This is done with the help of signage. Relocation in Orange County or other counties requires your current consumer base to travel farther. Some will be unwilling to do so. To make up for the loss of these customers, starting a buzz at the new locale is imperative. We offer several signage options that are ideal for this task.

Monument sign. Michael Nicholas Designs chose a post and panel setup for its monument. Take a page from the company’s playbook or opt for a foam monument. There are other material selections as well. This sign is primarily directed at motorists and helps them to find the entrance to your parking lot. By installing this marker as soon as you have signed the lease – and perhaps add a “coming soon” notation – you begin to advertise your presence.

Wayfinding signage. Nothing turns off a consumer more quickly than not being able to find the way to the new business. For the storefront that is situated on a busy street, this is generally not a problem. For the property located in a business park or featuring several administrative offices as well as pick-up spots, this is much more serious. Put signs in place early on. Sometimes folks decide to go exploring before they actually visit your open store. Having this signage in place makes their visits worthwhile.

Banner. A banner is an outstanding method for letting everyone know that you are coming, what your niche is and when you are going to have your opening day. If you are unsure of the actual opening date, it is still a good idea to hang a temporary banner that at least mentions your name and niche. This goes a long way toward marketing your company to those area consumers who may have an interest to learn more about your products or services.

Orange County directional and wayfinding signs
The more wayfinding signs, the better

Talk to our relocation signage professionals today to learn more about the best sign product packages to choose before you schedule your move. Before you go, see how we used fun and unique wall grapics and vinyl lettering for the interior of the new warehouse!

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