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Custom Decals and Lettering for Retail Fixture Installation Company’s Fleet of Cargo Vans in Anaheim!

Vinyl decals and lettering for fleets in Anaheim CA

Do you remember the eye-catching window graphics we did for MAC Cosmetics at the Cerritos Mall? This project was a collaboration with PMI Install. Short for Paulhus Millwork Installation (PMI), the firm is in the business of providing commercial millwork. Because this client liked our work for the graphics projects, a representative contacted us to discuss custom decals and lettering in Anaheim, CA.

A Fleet of Vans Get a Graphics Treatment

We met with the client to learn more about the project. PMI has a fleet of three vans. Two are Ford Transit Connects, which are minivans, and another one is a full-sized Ford Transit. The business wanted lettering and graphics that would advertise the company. Our graphic artist worked closely with the team to update the business’ logo and create decals as well as lettering that would encapsulate the corporate brand message.

On the backs of the vans, you see the company’s name in what appears to be a wood grain setup. It underscores the niche that we spelled out. Next, we added contact information, a website address, and license information. The sides of the vans also feature this data. Our technicians installed the lettering on the upper half of the vehicle, which makes it easy for motorists to read the details even if the car is stuck in traffic on the highways. We adjusted the graphics for size when treating the larger vehicle.

Now, when the company sends its representatives to commercial clients, everyone learns about the business and its niche. Moreover, the branded display of the company’s name acts as a mnemonic device that makes it a snap for prospective customers to remember the business’ name.

Does Your Company Still Need Custom Decals and Lettering in Anaheim, CA?

If your employees are still driving around without marketing messages on their cars, trucks, or vans, you are missing out on a premier advertising and branding opportunity. Because technicians spend so much time traveling to and from appointments with customers and working at job sites, the vehicle typically puts in a full day on the road or parked in various areas.

Imagine how many new people could learn about your business in that period. Sure, passersby who see your storefront typically know about what you do. But the person across the city does not. This person may never hear about your company until the day that s/he sees a treated vehicle.

How to Order the Right Set of Graphics

Choose a full or partial wrap, a combination of lettering and images, or spot graphics. Our graphic artists can help you adjust a logo or color setup if needed. If you already have images that you would like us to work with, we use the specs to manufacture the graphics in the ideal sizing. Our technicians will prepare the vehicles for the installation and mount the graphics.

When you are ready to join the mobile marketing revolution, discuss your thoughts with our experts. We work with you to put together a look that represents your brand and communicates with your targeted demographic. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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