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Cost Effective Delivery Truck Wraps in Orange County Help You Get Noticed

When you need plants, you visit Creative Plant Rentals (CPR). This business specializes in plant rentals for special events, corporate functions, holiday parties and a broad range of other occasions. The plants look fantastic, and you do not have to spend countless hours cultivating them yourself. Since the company delivers, sets up, and takes away the flora, you even save yourself the trip to the nursery, florist or another venue. After this company had added a delivery truck to its fleet of vehicles, the management team contacted our graphic artists to discuss vehicle graphics.

Delivery Truck Graphics in Orange County, CA

The box truck is a used model. Even so, the prior owner took excellent care of it. The only fly in the ointment was the residue left behind by the previous company’s graphics and lettering. Could we work with the automobile’s exterior without having to resort to a full wrap? You bet! Our experts prepped the truck’s outside and succeeded in doing a full adhesive removal.

Once the vehicle’s outer surface was perfectly clean, we installed 3M cast vinyl lettering as well as a luster laminate, which let us conform over the rivets. Now, the sides of the truck show off the company’s name, logo, tagline, and contact information. You would not be able to tell that this is a used vehicle or that there has previously been a different lettering product installed on the surface.

Rivets Make Installations More Difficult (for some installers)

Did you know that some sign shops increase the cost of their graphics simply because of the rivets a surface has? These folks view rivets as a problem area, which requires a longer installation time and occasionally calls for a redo on the wrap or graphics prints. Our experts do not have this issue. Well trained in the application of vinyl so that it takes on a painted-on appearance and ensures superior adhesion for the long term, you do not see any air bubbles or peeling edges around the rivets. Not surprisingly, we do not have to nickel and dime our clients to present them with an expertly treated delivery truck – no matter how many rivets it has. Plus as a 3M Graphics Certified Installer, we will get the job done right!

Saving Money with Graphics

We helped CPR to save money by not insisting on a full wrap to cover up the unsightly adhesive residue but rather by doing a bit of extra prep work and then installing delivery truck graphics. For Orange County, CA, business owners, budgetary constraints are usually the biggest challenge to treating their vehicle fleets. When you work with a sign shop that is not afraid of tackling the tough jobs and will not nickel and dime you, you not only receive a great-looking product but also save enough money to treat at least one vehicle although usually the savings allow for the treatment of additional automobiles.

Since you already know about the power of mobile marketing that wraps or graphics packages bring to your company, do not hesitate. Contact us today to get started on your project and to find out just how inexpensive your next vehicle treatment really is. 

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