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Commercial Property For Lease and For Sale Signs in Orange County

Located at 895 Dove Street, Suite 300, in Newport Beach, MCG Commercial Real Estate Services provides tenant and buyer representation as well as lease renewal management assistance. After a reprographics specialist had handled MCG’s logo and signage design, this expert contacted our professionals to take over the product’s manufacturing and installation.

Commercial Property “For Sale” Signs in Orange County, CA

Since these signage products represent a company’s public face, high-quality craftsmanship and expert installation techniques were a must. We produced two signs, which we placed on streets adjacent to a corner lot property. They advertise to passersby and motorists that this lot is available for sale and provide a point of contact for the interested buyers or their representatives. In addition to the information mentioned above, the signs succeed in branding MCG and positioning the company as a sought after group of experts in their niche.

What Makes a Commercial Lease or Sale Sign Great?

Plenty of good signage products advertise available commercial properties. From mall spaces over lot developments to office suites, these signs draw the eyes of consumers. Consider that the competition in this market is fierce. At the same time, the available inventory fluctuates. Real estate companies specializing in this niche must, therefore, be proactive in cultivating a clientele that will count on them to find just the right property solutions. This fact is the reason that great signage, as opposed to a passably good product, is vital.

Although it can be difficult to pinpoint the difference, superior commercial property signs display some telltale attributes.

  • Anti-graffiti coating. Defaced signage is common. Graffiti increases when school is not in session. A marked up property sign does not position your brand advantageously. In fact, it detracts from the professional aspect of your company. An anti-graffiti coating allows you to remove permanent marker as well as spray paint with a rag and rubbing alcohol.
  • Crisp colors. The color selection for your sign should be fresh. The lettering must stand out and not display with a dull appearance. This problem frequently occurs when signage must withstand increased UV exposure. Our technicians routinely add a UV coating to our products. Doing so ensures that the colors remain true, and the lettering continues to stand out.
  • Appropriate for the location. Beware the one-trick pony. We manufacture double-sided, one-sided, triangular and four-sided displays. Depending on the installation location, our experts provide you with the type of setup that attracts eyeballs from all directions.

Discussing Your Commercial Real Estate Signage Needs with Our Professionals

Whether you need commercial property “For Lease” signs in Orange County, CA, in nearby L.A. County, or you want to sell a parcel of land outright, contact our professional graphic artists for assistance with the design, manufacture and installation of the signage. If you already have a design that you like, we gladly handle the construction and mounting. Our graphic artists work with you to put together a presentation that positions your brand, encourages consumer contact and establishes your presence in the niche. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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