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Best Uses for Foam Letters in Orange County CA!

We often work with companies that have a firm eye on the budget. It is not unusual for their representatives to ask if there is a way to have a building sign as well as the mandated ADA signage and other required markers. The answer is a resounding yes. At that time, we suggest the use of outdoor-rated foam for the building sign. In fact, it is one of the best uses for foam letters in Orange County, CA.

Outdoor-rated Foam is Durable

Do not let the term “foam” sway you into believing that the material dissolves at the first sign of rain; these letters are great for exterior signs! In fact, it features a foam core that the manufacturer has treated with plastic or paper. When our technicians add a coat of paint, they further protect the material against moisture. But did you know that you can dress up the product even further?

Acrylic faces. When you want the pizzazz that glossy acrylic brings to a setting but do not like the expense of ordering a solid letter manufactured from the material through and through, consider the addition of a thin facing. After making the product, we add the acrylic to the letters’ fronts and paint the sides to match.

Metal laminates. Much like the process of adding an acrylic face to foam letters, it is possible to use a metal laminate instead. This process allows for the creation of impressive markers that look like a million bucks without setting you back the expense of solid metal letters.

Vinyl covers. If your logo features gradient color changes that are difficult to replicate with a painting process, we suggest the addition of imprinted plastic overlays. Doing so allows us to create the vinyl that looks exactly like the color scheme you have on your website. Once we apply it to the finished letters, they present it on your façade and make wayfinding a snap for customers who looked up your business online first.

Indoor-rated Foam Combines Durability with Great Looks

If you are looking for interior signage, we suggest the use of indoor-rated foam. It allows for the construction of foam letters that make excellent lobby signs. Because we can allow this material to reach depths of up to three inches without compromising the substrate to which we mount it, many of our clients like the material for the creation of dramatic presentations. When lit just right with ceiling or floor mounted spotlights, you can create a play of light and shadows that brings a definite wow factor to your setting.

We can apply the same acrylic, metal, or vinyl coverings to the material as we do with the outdoor-rated foam. Some of our clients have opted for foam as an addition to acrylic logo boards. When you desire a layered design that features multiple materials, it is a snap to combine a vinyl backdrop with the transparent logo board. Add the custom-cut foam letters to the front – and perhaps a metal laminate for chic – and you have a truly memorable foam marker for the reception area.

If our list of best uses for foam letters in Orange County, CA, has persuaded you to give this signage product a closer look, contact our experts to set up an appointment.

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